10 Marketing Practices for YouTube

Do you that more than 33 million Americans go to YouTube in a month? This is the reason why many business and organizations are creating their very own channels in YouTube. They want to attract the attention millions of video viewing fans out there. They create YouTube accounts and upload videos of their company. In the old days (that sounded so ancient!), that is enough. But now it is not. You’ve got to create your own brand and put some personality in your YouTube account.

Thus, the purpose of this article. I’d like to share with you some YouTube practices I have learned over the years as video marketing virtual assistant. I hope that these help you in your video marketing endeavors. Here they are:

  1. Customize your channel. When you sign up for YouTube, you automatically have channel. Don’t ignore it! Customize it! Jazz up your profile and play with the design of your channel. Don’t forget to add links to your web site and add a logo or image.
  2. Set your account type. YouTube allows you to categorize yourself as a director, musician, comedian, or guru. It’s very important that you choose any one of those because it will make your video creations easily searchable by users.
  3. Tag and categorize your videos. If you are reading this post, then I suppose you know the importance of tags and categories. But just to reiterate, tagging and categorizing makes your videos easy to find.
  4. Create playlists. Do your videos have different themes or subject matter? Then you can create several playlists and add videos to the appropriate playlist. You can also add videos made by other users to your playlist. It will definitely earn you some congeniality points.
  5. Share your videos via email. Video marketing, or any form of online marketing for that matter, is all about self-promotion. So, go ahead, share your videos to your friends and colleagues by email. Though, I warn you against spamming.
  6. Post bulletins in your channel. This is like an announcement board. Think of this as your Facebook wall. You can post updates on your current video projects or anything else that you’re working on. You can also leave comments on other users’ channels through their bulletins. Great for social networking!
  7. Leave comments or responses to videos. Search for similar videos as the ones you posted, leave a comment, and include a link to your video. Easy self-promotion, right?
  8. Join communities and groups. YouTube is a social networking site, don’t ever forget that. Joining communities and groups increases the chances of your videos getting watched and shared.
  9. Turn on Active Sharing. If you turn this feature on, you name will appear next to the video you are watching for the next 30 minutes. Curious users may just click on your profile and watch your videos.
  10. Create good videos. Perhaps, this is the best tip of all. When you create videos, think of your viewers. Ask yourself, will someone be interested in this? Can I share this video to my friends and will they like it? Use these questions to guide your video creation process. buy youtube comments custom

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