A Kiddush Fountain is a Beautiful and Practical Centerpiece for Your Shabbat Or Jewish Holiday Table

A kiddush fountain is a beautiful and practical centerpiece for your Shabbat or Jewish Holiday table. These silver fountains add a touch of aristocracy and beauty to your meal and are hygienic for passing around wine. They are a wonderful addition to your table, especially when combined with other fine Judaica utensils and ornamentation.

Kiddush is an ancient Jewish ritual that has survived the tumultuous times of modern history. It is a symbol of a shared past and a commitment to the future, and one that can be shared by all Jews, even those who may not be practicing at a high level. Having a handmade cup for Kiddush from Jerusalem, crafted within walking distance of the Wailing Wall, helps to create a sense of ceremony and connection.

A wine fountain provides a functional solution to the traditional practice of drinking wine during a Shabbat or Jewish Holiday meal from the same large, ornately decorated cup for every person at the table. This can be a problem, since wine can spill on the nice Shabbat tablecloth and on clothing. A fountain solves this issue by allowing you to pour wine into the larger cup, which then flows downward through hidden pipes to fill eight smaller matching cups.

A high-quality, hand-crafted wine fountain is a treasured piece of Judaica that will be enjoyed by generations to come. It will become a family heirloom and serve as a reminder of a special time in our collective history. There are a wide variety of styles and prices to choose from, so it is possible to find the perfect one for your home. kiddush fountain

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