Armor Ring Jewelry – The Style and Unique Armor Ring Designs Put Others to Shame

If you love being the center of attention and creating a bit of a stir wherever you go then wearing an armor ring will definitely add to and enhance your image and if you know where to look you can get these awesome finger adornments for far less than most people pay.

As a piece of jewelry the armor ring has attracted a fair amount of attention of its own just lately with some of Hollywood’s A listers having been seen wearing more than one or two on a number of occasions.

To be honest you can hardly fail to notice a fantastic finger covering that reaches from the base of the finger to just under the nail bed or second knuckle even when a mega star like Rhianna has one on. In fact, if she can wear one and it still attracts comments then you know how much of an impact they make.

It may seem like these rings are a relatively new design but, in truth they have long been favored by people who embrace the Gothic style of dress and they have other names such as full finger ring, Gothic ring and medieval ring to name but a few.

But, their secret is now out and with the likes of iconic designers such as Vivienne Westwood putting her own unique spin on them and bringing out her own version on this particular theme then the lid has been well and truly lifted and people everywhere have been searching for them.

They are generally made out of pewter or sterling silver which are both durable metals that sit very comfortably against your skin and also has the added bonus of being very good value for money when it comes to buying one which is just great.

The really clever thing about them is the fact that, depending on the style or design that you choose (and there are loads to inspire and are pretty breath-taking) the ring itself will move with your own finger as it is made out of 2 or 3 pieces of jointed metal for ease of movement.

Trying to do justice to an armor ring with words on a page is tricky, you really do have to take a look to appreciate them all whether it is the intricate and delicate workmanship or the more rugged and robust styles. But, one thing I have no doubt of is that you are sure to find the perfect ring at the perfect price, especially if you look online. Finger rings

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