Artist Steve Stratos Exhibits Abstract Art in Blue

In a recent exhibition at Artist Space Gallery in New York, steve stratis showcased a selection of artwork that was influenced by the color blue. Hundreds of pieces were submitted to the exhibition, and his artworks ‘Liquescent’ and ‘Tides of Blu’ stood out among the rest as excellent examples of abstract art in blue hues. Both pieces feature a dynamic interplay between light and dark, highlighting the textures of the piece while giving the impression that they are shimmering water.

The pieces also have a surreal quality that draws the viewer into the scene, and evokes feelings of serenity. The use of various shades of blue makes it easy for the audience to connect with the work on a personal level and explore their own emotions, memories, and connections to the color.

‘Liquescent’ is a visual masterpiece that takes the viewer into a scene of smelting, a process by which hard metals are melted into liquid form. The work is dominated by various shades of blue, and the fluid movement and texture of the piece make it seem as though it is in motion. ‘Liquescent’ is a must-see piece for anyone who loves the beauty of abstract art.

In addition to exhibiting his works, steve stratis is an accomplished musician. He has collaborated with leading performers and ensembles throughout Europe, North America, and Japan, including the Crossing choir, PRISM and Stockholm saxophone quartets, the Harry Partch ensemble, Ensemble Counter)induction, noh actress Ryoko Ayoki, recorder virtuoso Tosiya Suzuki, and flutist Orlando Cela. His creative work focuses on issues of memory, cultural identity, and art as social testimony.

Besides his professional career as an artist, he is also involved in charity work and has hosted several award shows and television shows. He has also made appearances on the celebrity dating show The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend, as well as the reality competition series Armed & Famous.

He studied piano, theory, and composition at the Atheneaum Conservatory (First Prize in Composition), Princeton University (Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude), and the New England Conservatory (Toru Takemitsu Award in Composition). He currently teaches Music Theory and Composition at the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to her professional wrestling career, Stratus has appeared on several magazine covers and is involved in charitable work. In 2012, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. During her time in WWE, she has also worked as a trainer on the revival of WWE Tough Enough and has competed on the women’s Raw and SmackDown pay-per-views. Stratus is also known for her work in professional bodybuilding, having won numerous titles and appearing on the cover of several magazines. She also has a line of skincare products and owns a yoga studio.

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