Becoming a Self Employed Carer

Becoming a self employed Carer is an exciting prospect that allows you to choose your own clients. It also means taking on more responsibility, like organising your own finances, and marketing your services. However, it can be more rewarding in the long run.

Before you start working as a self-employed carer, consider the legal and financial aspects of the job. Decide whether you will be a sole trader or a limited company, and draw up contracts with each client. The contracts should cover things like the work you will do, hours, payment and responsibilities. You will also need to submit self-assessment tax returns and pay VAT if applicable.

If you have any questions, speak to an accountant or a financial advisor. They can give you advice and help you with the paperwork. You will also need public liability insurance for your business. This covers you if your clients are injured or their property is damaged whilst in your care. You will need employers’ liability insurance if you employ anyone else in your business.

If you are considering going self-employed, try to build up your portfolio of clients while you’re still employed by an agency. This can give you the experience you need before making a permanent move. You may find that you enjoy the self-employment lifestyle more than you thought. If not, you can always go back to agency work. If you do decide to leave, make sure you have a plan in place for what you will do next. Self employed Carer

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