BTC Mixer Review

Btc mixer is an online tool that allows a user to combine their bitcoins with those of other users, then redistribute them among different addresses. The result is a set of clean coins that cannot be linked to the original user. The service is a popular method for maintaining privacy, and it can be used for a variety of purposes, including hiding the origin of funds for illicit activity.

Although mixers have a reputation for being associated with illicit activities, they are primarily legitimate tools used by individuals to maintain their privacy. While it is technically possible to track a person’s bitcoin spending, the blockchain provides an uncomfortable level of transparency relative to traditional payments systems. Knowing what someone spends their bitcoin on – from pizza to cremation – can potentially reveal sensitive information. Mixers offer a simple solution to this problem by obscuring the link between an incoming and outgoing bitcoin address.

This bitcoin mixer offers a unique mix ratio feature which can help users increase the anonymity of their transaction. This feature allows users to select a percentage of their deposited bitcoins they wish to be mixed with the rest. The service also offers a number of additional features, such as an automatic deposit reminder, an escrow option, and a referral program with up to 50% lifetime commissions.

Coinomize is a trusted Bitcoin mixer that has been in operation since 2022. It claims to have a reserve of coins from mining pools in the U.S, China and Europe and does not keep logs. It also supports a wide range of output wallets, has low minimum deposits and fast processing times. However, its fee is a bit high at 1% and the platform can be geo-restricted in some countries.

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