Button Head Screw

Button Head Screw
Socket cap screws, also known as button head socket caps, are threaded fasteners with a rounded head that is recessed to allow for a flat surface underneath the head. They use a socket driver to enable higher torque specifications than the typical cross-recessed or slotted drive machine screws and can offer a more visually aesthetic appearance.

Hex head screws, on the other hand, have a six-sided hexagonal head and require a special wrench to turn. They are typically used in applications with a hex washer and nut assembly or in tapped holes. The hex shape distributes the force of tightening evenly across the face of the screw, making it more durable than other screw types and helping to prevent loosening.

The type of head your project requires will depend on your application’s strength requirements and final product’s appearance. While cap screws are often preferred when strength is a priority, button head socket caps are more likely to resist loosening over time and are perfect for projects with limited space or where a flush finish is desired.

Both head styles are available in several different materials, coatings, and finishes, including a variety of colors. There are also other options to consider, such as serrations on the bottom of the head, which improve gripping and resistance to loosening. In addition to this, a tamper-resistant Torx design is becoming more popular, which prevents removal of the screw without the right tool. Button Head Screw

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