CACHE Level 3 Courses

Study online and earn a nationally recognised CACHE qualification at a time that suits you. This course will methodically guide you on the key areas of child development and how this impacts their overall wellbeing.

This course also leads to qualifications suitable for working as a teaching assistant. We also have a specialist support course for those who can’t arrange a work placement.

Level 3 Award in Childcare and Education (RQF)

Online learning college Oakwood Home Learning runs this NCFE CACHE course to give learners a nationally recognised qualification which they can take into the workplace. The course covers a range of areas relating to child and early years care, providing the learner with a comprehensive set of skills to work within this sector.

The course allows the learner to study from home and complete it at their own pace for a period of 12 months with full tutor support. This enables the learner to fit it into their lifestyle and continue working whilst studying.

This course will teach the learner how to develop relationships with children, supporting their learning and development. The course also explores the importance of understanding patterns of growth and development in young children and helps learners to recognise any concerns or issues that may arise.

Students who successfully complete this course will receive a CACHE Certificate which is valid for life and can be used to demonstrate professional achievement to prospective employers. The course is regulated by Ofqual and learners who achieve this qualification can progress on to the Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education (RQF). As an added benefit, students completing this course will automatically become members of the CACHE Alumni Network which provides access to the latest articles across the healthcare sector.

Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education (RQF)

The Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education RQF is a course designed for learners who wish to gain a qualification in the field of childcare. It covers a wide range of topics related to child and early years care and is fully accredited by CACHE, a leading awarding body in the UK. This course can be completed from the comfort of your own home at your own pace with full tutor support.

The course is delivered online with a virtual learning platform and includes access to tutor support, assignments and assessments. It can be completed in as little as 12 months, so you can study at a time and pace that suits you.

NCFE CACHE is a leading awarding body and our courses are accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). The level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education RQF course is an Ofqual regulated qualification, meaning that you can be sure that it meets the required standards.

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Level 3 Certificate in Childcare and Education (RQF)

Embark on a rewarding career in childcare with this NCFE CACHE level 3 certificate in childcare and education (RQF). It is designed for home study so that you can shape your studies around work and life.

Developed by industry experts, this qualification will help you develop your understanding of child development from conception to birth. It also covers routine screening programmes in the first year of life and will provide you with a thorough knowledge of children’s physical care needs, emotional well-being and more.

This course can be cached so that you can complete it in as little or as long a time as you wish to do. You’ll receive access to a tutor, who will mark your assignments and guide you through the course. You’ll also be provided with all the course materials you need to complete your course in full.

This qualification is the leading standard for those working in early years education. It is accredited by the CACHE, a specialist awarding organisation for the children and adult care sector, and is recognised as meeting the requirements of the statutory EYFS framework. It is also officially recognised by employers in the sector and will count towards your staff-to-child ratios. This is an online childcare and education supported course that can be studied from anywhere in the world.

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Childcare and Education (RQF)

The Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education (CACHE) is a UK-based organisation that offers a wide range of vocational qualifications for individuals working in the fields of childcare, early years education and social work. All CACHE courses lead to a nationally recognised Ofqual regulated qualification and are accredited on the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

The Level 3 Extended Diploma in Childcare and Education course teaches learners a vast array of vital knowledge necessary when working with children. It is an excellent choice for those who are aspiring to become Early Years Educators, as it provides the perfect foundation from which to build on their skills and career.

This CACHE course is delivered online through a dedicated learning portal and a tutor support system. All assignments are marked by your tutor and the results uploaded through this system to provide you with an easy way to manage your studies. The feedback will also help you to identify areas for improvement and guide your study throughout the course.

All successful learners will receive their certification at the end of their course. Those who are not successful will be provided with a full refund of the fees they paid for the course. This does not include any additional fees that you may have incurred, such as travel or accommodation. Cache level 3 courses

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