Choosing the Right Employee Communication Apps for Your Company

An employee communication app can deliver an effective channel for communicating with employees, especially for companies with remote workers. These apps are designed to facilitate collaboration, and come with a variety of features that cater to various forms of communication. These apps also offer varying price ranges, making it easy for organizations to find one that is a good fit for their needs.

Choosing the best internal communication app for your company requires careful consideration. Evaluate each option based on how it addresses your specific objectives, such as communicating with remote employees and creating a strong sense of community. Then consider how the app can support your organization’s current and future growth, including if it will be compatible with other tools and systems that you use.

Some of the key features that are available on most employee communication apps include:

Message Distribution – Admins can distribute information and news to employees via push notifications and in-app reminders, ensuring important announcements are not missed. Instant Chat – Users can connect with colleagues in real-time via secure, private one-to-one chats or in group conversations. Users can also share files and videos within the chat. Document Sharing – Admins can provide a central repository to host and share files, enabling teams to access and collaborate on documents from a single location. Status Updates – Team members can update their availability status, allowing coworkers to easily identify whether they are free, busy or away from the office.

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