Closing Gaps – Happiness – A Tool for Peak Performance

Happiness is a tool for success. Science supports this fact by saying it can bridge gaps between our lack of performance and our ability to perform. I add to that equation by saying it makes the difference between mediocre and achieving peak performance through ease, grace and abundance.

Happiness effects our ability to reach our goals sooner rather than later through its uplifting, insightful and inspirational ability to modify challenges in the mist of change. It can open doors normally closed to self defeating doom and gloom attitudes. Happiness positively effects performance in our everyday lives personally and professionally because it reinforces the possibility of reaching our goals through the strengthening of positive planning. Happiness links positive brain patterns to building performance skills by restoring confidence in ones abilities. If consistently encouraged, happiness engages us in life through optimistic, practical ways that inspire us to shift negative thinking and ways in which we look at the world into a more positive and “realistic” approach. Happiness supports you in going through change simpler yet, powerfully. Our society has always supported that if you work harder, you will be more successful, and “then” you will find happiness. This is really backwards. Happiness is not something you get to, it is a way “to be” no matter what. Science supports this fact through ten years of research proving that training your brain to be positive fuels greater success and that three fourths of our success in life is not ruled by intelligence, but by your personal level of optimism. Encouragement from family, friends and social support helps yet is not completely necessary if you take personal accountability for your hopefulness and outlook on life by holding onto the knowing that ultimately you prevail through strong and secure beliefs. Happiness supports your ability to manage negative energy / situations and stress in a positive way which contribute to forming beliefs that help us reach your life goals.

The hold on your confidence, your trust and job security or overall life satisfaction are at historic lows. Many succumb to fear- (false evidence appearing real), anxiety and the feelings of helplessness, with loss and lack quickly following suit because they feel they have nothing to hang onto… they do… happiness. Be happy because you wake up every day. This simple thought creates a simple WIN for your brain to have something to hang onto and grow. How does this happen? Your brain creates confidence based “on what you believe is true”. Therefore, it is vital to reinforce your beliefs and behavior to the outcome you desire. A single focus on prevailing through a positive approach. Do not lose sight that you are in command of your destiny, not outside influences. “When” and only when “you” and only you become fully responsible for how you think and how you feel, then and only then will you have the strength to trust your instincts. To develop your internal trust, you must create “wins” for yourself, even if you consider them small. Building daily wins… even like cleaning and uplifting your home from excess or organizing your office, every positive act allows your brain to overcome learned helplessness. Then, you must train yourself and feed your brain rational optimism. That is where being happy… no matter what will support you in maintaining levels of success during challenges. Happiness creates and sustains an internal culture that gets you to recognize the value of providing service to others as you serve yourself. Happiness bridges the gap for you to understand service from a heart level and loyalty to yourself in upholding “your word”. It also shows you how living up to your responsibilities not only impacts you positively yet how it impacts others positively as well. happiness quotes

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