Converting to An Electric Panel

Many older homes on the market today have outdated electrical systems (often fuse boxes) that do not supply the correct amount of energy to the fuses, outlets, and circuits they feed. If the electrical system in a home is outdated, it may be time to make the switch to a new electric panel. Fuse boxes were not meant to handle the amount of electricity that is needed in today’s homes. Today, people have cell phones, computers, stereo systems, and numerous modern-day television sets in their homes, all of which were not invented until long after the fuse box. They are simply not meant to meet the demands of today’s electronically driven world.

The first step in converting to an electric panel is calling a certified, skilled, and experienced electrical technician to come and inspect the electrical system already in place. Many electric companies take calls 24 hours a day, so there may not be a need to wait until the next day if you decide to call after hours or until Monday if you decide to call on the weekend. The technician that arrives to inspect the electrical system will then determine what measures need to be taken toward installing the new panel and if any rewiring needs to occur before this can happen.

After this is done, the electrical technician will assess how much energy is used in the home and determine how many amps the new panel needs to have the capacity to handle. For a home, they will usually install one between 100 amps and 200 amps. The more energy that is used in the home, the larger the amperage will be.

Whenever the location of the panel has been determined and the type of electric panel has been chosen, the electrical technician begins the job of dismantling the old electrical source and installing the new one. Depending upon the size of the home and whether any rewiring needs to be completed, installation time varies. However, most electrical technicians offer a guarantee on how long the job will last. Many finish ahead of schedule, and in no time at all, everyone is happy with the new power source that is making all of the modern day conveniences possible in their own home.

An electric panel is much the same as a person’s body. Every part of it must work correctly for electricity to flow through the home correctly. As a person ages, certain parts begin to wear down and function improperly, just the same as the main panel in a home. It is important to make sure the electric system is updated and functioning correctly for lights, electrical appliances, the AC, or anything else in a home that runs off of electricity to function correctly. Whether installing just a main panel or a subpanel as well, the new power source in the home will provide all the comforts of electricity that were being received before, but in a safer and more efficient way. Electrical Contractor

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