Custom Displays Designed by You

Every retail store or boutique owner knows the importance of having interesting displays. It can be a challenge to be unique or display things in a unique way if you only have generic hanging racks and shelves to work with. However, you can create interesting displays with very little investment if you buy retail display supplies that are more versatile than the run-of-the-mill, round garment rack.

It’s all about imagination and style. Look into buying free-standing displays that say something about your store. If you have a more industrial feel, look for chrome, black, or grey lacquer finishes. If you have more classic looks, you can use wooden displays. Boutiques and specialty outlets can get more creative, using garment racks, shelves and accessory displays that feature scrolls or other ornate details.

When you have your style chosen, try to choose racks and shelves that are versatile. Adjustable is always good. If you need a sunglasses rack, look for one that can adjust to hold many different sizes and styles of glasses. You can also use the same rack to display gloves, Christmas tree ornaments, or other seasonal items, during winter months. A movable rack that has adjustable shelves can be used for just about any style of clothing. Jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and even bins of socks can be displayed on one shelving rack. Choose one with hanging bars on the ends to keep your displays more interesting. Avoid the generic, cookie-cutter look that discount department stores have.

You can get away with purchasing only a few specialty retail racks and shelves if you make the best use of your space. Installing slatwall or gridwall around your store can eliminate the need for a lot of racks on the floor. With just a few slatwall accessories, you can manipulate your displays into fitting into the smallest spaces.

You can also use slatwall panels to create temporary displays around your store. This can be a big help when you are having a promotion or seasonal sale. The panels can easily be taken apart and stored flat. You can do the same thing with gridwall panels, creating cubes, shelves, hanging racks, or filling up oddly shaped spaces that normally go to waste.

Using versatile products will allow you to personalize your store and create custom displays that match your style and amount of inventory. Slatwall is consistently named the most versatile display product on the market. You can quickly and easily change the look of your store with slatwall, slatwall panels, and slatwall accessories. mypopsox

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