Effective Rural Healthcare Solutions

In rural America, residents face unique health challenges like having to travel long distances for healthcare services, lack of public transportation, and limited internet access. Fortunately, effective solutions are available that can address these issues. These rural healthcare solutions include the use of technology, the implementation of community-based clinical research, and more.

Improving Health Literacy
A lack of education in healthcare can lead to poor health outcomes in rural communities. Increasing health literacy can help patients understand and comply with doctor’s advice and prescriptions. It can also help them navigate the healthcare system, including making appointments and getting reimbursed by insurance providers.

Addressing the Healthcare Worker Shortage
Many rural communities lack healthcare professionals, which makes it difficult for them to provide proper medical care. This shortage is exacerbated by the need to pay overtime and recruit healthcare workers from other areas, which makes rural medical facilities less financially sustainable.

Expanding Access to Oral Health Services
Oral health services are more difficult to find in rural communities, which makes it harder for people to receive the dental care they need. This includes a lack of dental professionals in rural areas, as well as barriers to getting health insurance and financing for oral health treatment.

Rural Americans often have lower rates of health insurance and higher rates of poverty than urban citizens, which contributes to worse overall health outcomes. To improve the health of rural Americans, policymakers and private organizations can implement initiatives that increase access to healthcare services, reduce the cost of insurance, and promote healthy behaviors and neighborhoods. RHIhub’s What Works for Health (WWFH) database contains evidence ratings, literature summaries, and implementation resources for more than 360 strategies that can be implemented in rural communities. rural healthcare solutions

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