European Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets are one of the fastest growing trends in modern kitchen design. Their sleek, minimalist character blends aesthetic appeal with efficient functionality, elevating the cabinetry to a central position in your home’s living space. In addition, these enduring cabinets provide exceptional value compared to standard American-style cabinetry.

Unlike their American counterparts, European cabinets have omitted rectangular face frames from their designs and are known as frameless cabinetry. Instead, the door is hung directly on the cabinet box’s sides and is supported by hinges from the inside of the cabinet. The result is a smooth appearance and easy-to-clean interiors.

The European cabinetry style has a wide range of material options to accommodate homeowners’ tastes and vision. Whether they prefer classic wood finishes or contemporary laminates, the range of available choices allows for customization of kitchen aesthetics to align with functionality and style aspirations.

When selecting a material for European-style cabinets, opt for eco-friendly products when possible. For example, opt for medium-density fiberboard (MDF) panels sheeted in melamine to avoid warping like solid wood and provide a durable surface. Choose a glossy lacquer finish for your cabinet doors to provide an extra layer of protection from stains. Other options include thermofoils, a specialty type of laminate that provides a large variety of textures and colors that mimic real wood grain. Both types of cabinet materials offer excellent moisture resistance and withstand years of use.

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