Experience The Integra Dental Difference

Experience The Integra Dental Difference

At INTEGRA, we use the latest in ceramic dental implants Robina Dental to enhance your smile. These high-end prosthetics are the best of the best when it comes to biocompatibility, durability and aesthetics – plus, they come with a warranty.

Experience The Integra Medical Difference

Our physicians are well versed in delivering the most up to date, advanced techniques and products in a warm, caring environment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

The matrix

This smooth creamy alginate is packaged in an economical poly-aluminum bag to eliminate moisture contamination and increase the product’s shelf life.

The slurry

The slurry is the result of a combination of a 1 L of sterile saline and a small amount of the matrix’s ingredients (see below). This combination is designed to produce a slurry that is able to coat the surface of the matrix in just seconds.

One of the slurry’s many uses is in the form of a temporary dressing for wounds that are not conducive to traditional dressing changes.

Occurrence of the day

After the slurry has been applied, it should be wrapped in a moist cotton towel and placed in a disposable plastic bag to keep it cool.
The biggest complication from this treatment is a potential infection.

Fortunately, this is an uncommon occurrence since the slurry is designed to be reapplied every three hours.

The most common complications include pain, swelling, bruising and infection.

Most of these can be easily treated by a good oral hygiene regimen and the occasional fluoride rinse.

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