Explosion Proof Actuators

Explosion Proof Actuators
Electrical sparks are the primary cause of explosions in industrial settings. To prevent ignition, all equipment must be constructed from non-sparking materials. This is true for many machines, but also applies to tools like hammers and shovels. However, sparks can still occur in a variety of other ways including mechanical failures and static electricity from contaminated surfaces.

To reduce the chance of sparking, an explosion proof environment is built to limit volatile interactions between oxygen and combustible compounds. This is done by restricting the entrance of hazardous gases into the enclosure or unit, while allowing a flame path through the device and cooling it before it exits to the hazardous location. While this is a critical safety measure, it does not prevent explosions from igniting flammable substances within the enclosed space as it would be impossible to completely block all entry points and openings.

In addition to explosion proof electric actuators, Moog also offers a complete range of servomotors and electro-mechanical actuators for use in hazardous environments. These are ATEX and TIIS certified and are the perfect complement to our explosion proof actuators.

Explosion proof rotary electric actuators offer rotational movement, with models available to perform from 0 to 90 degrees. They are great for controlling ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers. For those with more demanding applications, a multi-turn model is the right choice. These actuators can rotate multiple times and have a fail-safe mechanism to revert back to the initial position in the event of a power loss. They are perfect for control of vents and other openings on digesters and air strippers processing sewage gas.

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