Health and Safety Awareness Course

A health and safety awareness course is a programme of training that provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to work in a safe manner. It is often a mandatory requirement for certain industries and professions, or it can be offered voluntarily to help employees create a safer working environment. The main benefit of this type of training is a reduction in workplace accidents, which can result in lower healthcare and absenteeism costs.

The course teaches participants about the legal responsibilities of both employers and workers, including the rights of employees to report unsafe behaviour. It also discusses the role of the Health and Safety Authority when carrying out workplace inspections. Additionally, it covers best working practices such as how to identify hazards and how to control them.

In addition, the course covers confined space legislation and identifies a worker’s responsibilities when it comes to working in a confined space. It also outlines the procedures for reporting incidents and accidents that happen in a confined space.

Taking a health and safety awareness course can help companies establish a safety culture where employees take responsibility for their own health and the wellbeing of others. It can also lead to fewer accidents and injuries, which reduces absenteeism and healthcare costs, and increases productivity. In addition, a safer working environment can improve company reputation with customers, investors and other stakeholders. This can help to boost financial performance and attract new business opportunities. health and safety awareness course

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