How a Custom Built Wardrobe Works

A custom built wardrobe is a solid investment in your home, allowing you to enjoy sturdier and more efficient storage and adding a design feature that will enhance the value of your property. Unlike the pre-fabricated closet solutions available in big box stores, a professional installed custom wardrobe will fit perfectly into your room.

A professional will work with you to understand your storage needs and create a bespoke design that meets them. The plan will include drawers, shelves, long or short rails and compartments based on your individual storage requirements. They will consider factors such as your clothing collection, your daily routine and the type of space you have available in your room.

The design will also take into account any accessories you may want to store, such as shoes, overnight cases, bags and other personal items. The final design will be presented to you for review. This is an opportunity to make adjustments, including colours, and ensure that the plan meets your specific requirements.

Once you’ve accepted the final proposal, a timetable will be set to complete the installation. A warranty will be offered and maintenance services may be available, to keep your new luxury wardrobe in excellent condition.

The cost of a custom made wardrobe depends on the size, materials and other features you choose. A full-service solution from a qualified designer or carpenter will start at around $3,000, but you can also save money by choosing a pre-fab solution that can be customized by a skilled DIYer. IKEA’s PAX and HEMNES systems, for example, allow you to create a custom-fitted storage solution for less than $400. custom built wardrobe

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