How Much Does a Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost?

If you have an existing conservatory that’s no longer fit for purpose it may seem like a sensible investment to replace the roof. You’ll create a much more usable space and improve the energy efficiency of your home. However, many homeowners don’t realise that the cost of a new conservatory roof can be higher than expected. This is because there are a number of factors that can increase the price including the size, style and materials used.

It’s also important to remember that a replacement conservatory roof should be bespoke, this is why you need to consider the bespoke options that you would like to have and the type of conservatory you have. For example, a Lean-To conservatory with a standard glass roof will have a different cost than a Victorian style conservatory with a traditional solid tiled roof.

The best way to get a true understanding of the cost of replacing your conservatory roof is to speak with a local installer. They will be able to offer detailed quotes and advice based on their experience. They may also be a member of various trade bodies or accreditation schemes, which can provide you with extra peace of mind and guarantees.

Choosing a quality roof is essential for any extension project. Cheaper roofs are more likely to leak, causing damage and forcing you to spend more on repairs. They’re also less likely to provide adequate insulation, which can make the space unusable during some parts of the year. This is why it’s so important to find a trustworthy, professional installer.

The cost of a new conservatory roof can vary depending on the material and size, but the average is PS4000 -PS7000 for most conservatory styles. The costs of a Lean-To conservatory are typically a little cheaper at around PS3500 – PS5000.

A polycarbonate roof is the cheapest option, but it has a number of drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. It’s not insulated so heat cannot be retained in winter, and it also allows sunlight to pass through the roof and into your conservatory, resulting in a greenhouse effect.

If you’re looking to replace a translucent (glass or polycarbonate) roof with a solid replacement roof, then you will need to get Building Regulatory Approval. This is because the conservatory will be classed as a permanent extension rather than a temporary structure. Labour costs can also add up, with those working in London and the South East generally charging more than those in other areas. conservatory roof replacement cost

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