How to Choose a Lake Garda Wedding Venue and Wedding Planner

Awe-inspiring Alpine scenery, stunning crystal clear lake waters and quaint village life make Lake Garda a magical setting for your wedding. It’s no wonder that writers have sung its praises over the centuries. Its serene beauty and charming ambiance will leave your guests with a lasting impression of Italian Dolce Vita.

Choose a Lake Garda wedding venue that offers a scenic view of the lake for your ceremony and reception. There are several hotels, villas and luxury resorts that provide this stunning view for your special day. The hotels also offer premium catering and professional event planning to ensure your special day runs smoothly.

When choosing a Lake Garda wedding planner, it’s important to find one that you connect with and trust. Ask prospective planners about their experience and look at their portfolio of previous weddings. Be sure to review the details of each wedding, including the venue, ceremony, and reception. You should also pay attention to the level of detail in each photo and how the wedding reflects the couple’s style and vision.

Consider incorporating fun activities for your guests to enjoy during their stay at Lake Garda. Organize wine-tasting events at local vineyards or cooking classes to teach your guests how to prepare classic Italian dishes. You can also arrange hiking and cycling excursions for active guests to enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes and picturesque villages along Lake Garda. It’s a great way to give your guests a unique and memorable experience that they will talk about long after the wedding! wedding venue lake garda

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