How to Find the Best CBD Products in the UK

The UK CBD industry is booming, and with good reason. This versatile cannabinoid is both natural and safe to use for a wide range of health benefits. It’s a great way to boost mood and ease anxiety, among many other things. And there are so many options available, including oils, capsules, balms and more. But how do you know which products are best? And which companies are safe to buy from? The key is to stick with broad spectrum CBD oil, and reputable UK-based brands. This is the only way you can be sure your CBD is safe and effective.

The following brands and products have been recommended by our experts based on quality, safety, customer reviews and third-party lab testing. We only recommend CBD products that are certified as fit for human consumption by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

With a name like EIR Health, this brand is obviously inspired by the Norse goddess of healing. Their range of naturally flavoured, full-spectrum CBD oils are designed to help with stress and general wellbeing. Each oil contains a different concentration and blend of terpenes and hemp plant parts to maximise the entourage effect that stimulates endocannabinoid receptors, regulating homeostasis in your body.

This is an excellent, organically grown, cold pressed CBD oil from a brand with a lot of heart. Their mission is to help people through the power of hemp, and they take it very seriously. They also spearhead campaigns to promote responsible and authentic production of both hemp and CBD, which makes them stand out from their competitors.

Unlike most CBD oils in the UK, Select CBD uses a novel food process to produce their oil, which means it’s actually full-spectrum, not just CO2-extracted isolate. This is a huge benefit and makes it a lot more effective than a standard CBD oil.

These gummies are a tasty and convenient way to consume CBD. Each one delivers a precise measure of cannabidiol in each bite, and you get a decent amount for your money. Plus, the sachets are perfect for carrying around in your bag.

Another product that’s both tasty and practical, these sprays are ideal for quickly applying a precise dose of CBD to your skin. Each sachet contains a high-quality, broad-spectrum hemp extract derived from a variety of strains.

Newer to the scene than many of the brands on this list, Vibes CBD has risen up the ranks thanks to their cautious approach to every step of the production chain. They’re very careful about where they source their hemp, how it is harvested and the low-pressure extraction method used to make their CBD. They’re now branching out into other products, such as capsules and gummies, which share the same penchant for quality. Best CBD Products UK

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