Inspirational Jewelry Rings

A symbol of faith, hope and inspiration, inspirational jewelry rings help the wearer overcome adversity with their positive message. These rings often feature famous quotes or words to inspire, motivate and encourage. Simple phrases like “choose joy” and “hope” are easy ways to recenter the spirit and provide a burst of positivity for a busy day. Other rings may be imprinted with a spiritual symbol, like the Gordian knot, which symbolizes unity, or a talisman-like charm, such as an angel wing.

Inspirational jewelry is an excellent way to connect with your audience and help them move toward their goals, whether they are financial, health or relationship-related. The symbols in these rings carry meaning that resonates with customers, such as hearts, clovers, skulls, the om symbol and crucifixes. They can even be imbued with mystic power based on Kabbalistic symbolism, a mystic design known as the Five Metal Ring, which is said to bring success and protection.

Historically, rings have been worn to signify marriage, exceptional achievement, high status or authority, and membership in an organization. They also serve as a way to honor a loved one or friend by engraving or stamping their name on the ring. They can also be adorned with gemstones and other symbolic elements, like an engraved angel wing. Many people prefer the look of a two-tone ring, which mixes silver and gold or silver and bronze to add depth and interest to the piece. inspirational jewelry rings

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