Instant Boiling Water and Chilled Water Tap

Boiling and chilled filtered water at your fingertips with our stylish taps. Available in a range of finishes.

During a boil water advisory please use bottled water for drinking, making baby formula, washing dishes and cooking until your water supplier advises it is safe to resume normal usage.

Billi taps are designed and built in Australia using premium filters for superior water quality. Features include:

Boiling Water

A blistering Australian summer day and you’re sweating at the kitchen sink grabbing the biggest glass of water you can find. You slam the tap to MAX COLD and hope for that cool refreshing relief.

But what if the water was contaminated? Water main breaks are a common occurrence and health inspectors recommend that any water used for drinking, cooking, making baby formula or washing dishes should be boiled for at least one minute. Boiling water is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to disinfect tap water and kill harmful microbes.

Fortunately, most of our Billi customers have the option to install an all in one boiling and chilled water system. Powered by the TaoLink master unit, these systems supply chilled and sparkling water from multiple outlets in your home or business. This reduces energy consumption and is far more efficient than multiple units that are powered separately by their own dedicated power source.

All our boiling & chilled taps offer a single under bench command centre including a large colour interactive touch screen display with pin code protection and 2 boiling water safety modes. They also feature our patented Zip PowerPulse technology which maintains perfect boiling water temperature and minimises energy usage with an innovative method of heating and cooling. All our boiling & chilled taps are designed with the latest in energy efficiency and safety in mind, and are manufactured here in Australia.

Chilled Water

All-in-one filtered boiling and chilled water taps are the perfect solution for modern kitchens. Powered by a master unit, usually hidden from view under your bench, these systems deliver hot, cold and sparkling filtered water at the touch of a button.

Unlike bottled water that can contain plastic, these dispensers use only natural, reusable materials. They are also more environmentally responsible than single-use plastic bottles, reducing the number of waste products produced.

Athletes and special forces are big fans of drinking chilled water to help them cool down. By hydrating faster, they are able to cut down on inflammation, recover more quickly and get back to work sooner.

Splashfree boiling water delivery electronically varies the speed of the water flow, slowing momentarily to eliminate splashing as it first enters the cup. All Billi boiling & chilled systems are designed and made in Australia.

During a boil advisory, all drinking water (including baby formula) and water used for brushing teeth, washing clothes and dishes, making ice and preparing food needs to be boiled for 3 minutes before use. Alternatively, bottled water can be used until the boil advisory is lifted.

Filtered Water

Boiling water is one of the most common methods used to purify drinking water. It kills any germs present in the water and prevents any bacteria from forming, but it does not remove all chemicals or minerals. Water filters are an alternative that removes a range of contaminants – including limescale, chlorine, heavy metals and more. This makes them a convenient and environmentally-conscious way to get clean, safe, great tasting drinking water.

The BLANCO All in One filtered water tap has a built in water filtration system that reduces lime scale and improves taste, plus it’s easy to install. It’s also an energy saver, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat water compared to unfiltered systems. It also reduces the risk of lead leaching from plumbing, as it flushes water with low concentrations of calcium carbonate that can build up in pipes over time.

Australia’s world famous Billi all in one filtered water taps are available in a wide variety of finishes and dispensing capacities. From small offices to large workspaces, there’s a model that’s perfect for you. Designed with eco-consciousness in mind, they feature clever patented technology that recovers waste heat energy from chilling water and uses it to preheat boiling water. This means no wasted energy and no need for cupboard ventilation. They use premium filters that deliver exceptional water quality and are stylish, too.

Energy Saving

Unlike a kettle, instant boiling water taps typically use 50% less energy, saving you money on your electricity bill. They also dispense hot water at a more consistent temperature and have an inbuilt child-proof locking system to ensure that your children can’t turn on the tap by mistake.

Many instant boiling water and chilled water taps offer a range of additional functions to make your home even more environmentally friendly, including sparkling water, filtered water and even ice cubes. Some systems have a smart touch screen display that will show you information such as filter usage, power mode and sleep mode as well as displaying the current boiling and chilled water temperatures.

Zip HydroTap Design Range

The stylish Zip HydroTap system is a complete chilled, sparkling and boiling water appliance featuring a single under bench command centre with a full colour interactive touch screen display, pin code protection, 3 energy saving modes (including sensor activated “sleep when its dark”), boiling safety mode, 0.2 micron water filtration and more. It has been designed with style and function in mind and is available in a choice of stunning finishes.

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