Lote Tree Leaves

The lote tree leaves have a number of beneficial and healing properties, which are known for centuries. They are used to treat many ailments, including magic, jinn possession and evil eye. They are also known to protect against black magic, hexing and curses.

The Lote tree leaves are from a tree which is native to parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It is a very powerful tree with many healing qualities, and has been praised in the Quran and Sunnah. The Quran mentions the Lote tree in surah Al Waqiah, which describes Paradise, where those on the right hand of Allah will live “among thornless lote-trees and clustered jujubes and spreading shade and water gushing, and fruit plenty” (Qur’an, LVI: 28-30, Pickthall edition).

In the hadith attributed to the Prophet Muhammad — may peace be upon him — Gabriel told him that when he was sad or distressed he should perform ritual washing-ablution by rubbing his head with the leaves of the lote-trees, (bi’al sidr). Then Gabriel would reassure him that the situation had dissipated and that everything was well.

In his book Al-Tibb al-nabi (“Medicine of the Prophet”), al-Suyuti (d. 911/1505) relates that Ahmad ibn Abd Allâh Abu Nu’aym Isfahani (may Allah be pleased with him) recorded that the Prophet used to wash his head with the leaves of the Lote-trees, (bi’al Sidr) when he was upset. He also reported that whoever was affected by magic or jinns, or had the severe evil eye and had been suffering for a long time, if they took a bath with the leaves of the Lote-trees it would cure them.

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