Luxury, Charm and Beauty – Barbados Is an Exceptional Destination for the Ultimate Caribbean Holiday

Barbado sstands out from other Caribbean islands; geographically it is the most easterly island in the Caribbean archipelago and it is also one of the most successfully developed tourist destinations in the region. Class, style, sophistication, beauty, entertainment, you name it… Barbados has it! Not only is this fascinating holiday destination favoured by many tourists and holidaymakers worldwide, but Barbados is also the location of choice by famous fashion designer Louis Vuitton to open its first ever and only boutique in the Caribbean.

In addition to first class shopping and access to tax-free boutiques on your holiday, Barbados offers great weather and golf courses set in serene surroundings. Visit the southern coast of the island for the best night clubs and bars or if you fancy fine dining the western coast is the recommended spot; featuring an excellent array of gourmet restaurants.

A varied range of quality accommodation is available for the most unforgettable Barbados holidays; from exquisite condominiums and luxury hotels to cosy “just like home” guest houses, self-catering apartments and beach cottages. Regardless of what kind of accommodation you prefer, in Barbados you can encounter the warmth of the Barbadian people who deliver service with a smile.

Lounge on the long stretches of white sand beaches lined by gorgeous blue seas and enjoy the tropical breeze; perfect a golden tan while spending quality time with loved ones. In your Barbados holidays you can also go sightseeing; check out the charming colonial architecture and historical buildings. Car rentals are easily accessible and affordable so feel free to grab your map and explore. Sporting enthusiasts may be more drawn to the tennis courts, cycling, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. Submarine tours (aboard submarine vessels) offer another way of viewing the beautiful coral reefs and marine life if you are unsure about exploring the blue depths on your own, are not a very good swimmer, have a physical disability or health condition, or put quite simply; the thought of scuba diving to dark depths scares the wits out of you. A well-equipped and safe submarine can satisfy your underwater curiosity aboard a secure vessel.

Beauty abounds in Barbados; on land, off land and even underground. The unique geology of Barbados houses magnificent caves and underground lakes; so be sure to visit the subterranean waterfall as well and don’t miss the wealth of natural beauty this island has to offer. Just take the time to plan your visit and you could be enjoying the island’s numerous trails, awe-inspiring nature reserves and parks.

Susan Crown:

Having worked in the tourism industry for over five years, before and after graduating from university in London, Susan Crown brings a refreshing approach to the latest goings-on in the worldwide travel sector. Originally born in Cuba, from an early age due to her father’s job as a representative of Cuba’s national flag carrier, Susan travelled extensively and lived in various parts of the world, thus being able to draw from her own experiences and take inspiration from the exotic destinations she has visited over the years. Cartagena Vip Bachelor Party

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