Multi Room Audio Systems

Music plays a vital role in the way we enjoy our time at home. Whether we are relaxing on the sofa, exercising in the basement gym or cooking in the kitchen, a multi room audio system allows us to easily blanket the entire space with immersive sound and manage it all from one device.

A professionally installed multiroom audio system can also sync with other smart technology systems to create the ultimate entertainment experience. With a simple command from a remote control, wall-mounted keypad or even your smartphone, you can have the system send a playlist to every speaker in the house, set the lights and shades to party mode and turn on water features by the pool.

Most multiroom audio systems are wireless and connect via WiFi to work together and be controlled through an app on your smartphone or tablet. The app also interlinks with your home WiFI and Bluetooth so you can move speakers around the house without them losing their connection. Many of these systems will also be integrated with streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music so you can already have a curated library of your favorite songs to choose from.

There are a number of different multiroom audio systems on the market including Sonos, B&O and Denon Heos. Sonos has gained the most popularity for its expansive range of accomplished speakers, a robust list of streaming services and its ease of use. It also uses a closed mesh network which initially connects to your home WiFI and then creates its own. This provides an additional layer of security and a superior sound quality to many rivals which rely on standard Wi-Fi for connectivity.

B&O has a more refined and elegant approach to multiroom audio with its Beosound line of high-performance stereo and wireless speakers. They offer a streamlined design and support Dolby Atmos, allowing them to deliver incredible sound in the most spacious rooms. They also support a good list of streaming services and offer lossless audio playback.

Denon Heos is another well-established multiroom audio platform with a similar sound quality to Sonos. Its advantage is its greater choice of connected devices which include both high-end receivers and speaker systems from both Denon and Marantz. It also has its own dedicated app and supports multi-room audio over ethernet for those who want to avoid the need for a wireless router.

All of these systems offer a variety of other features and can be upgraded with extra speakers and accessories as your needs change. The most important factor when choosing a multiroom audio system is the sound quality. Investing in components that don’t compromise on sound quality will save you money and frustration down the road. A high-quality system will provide a richer listening experience and add to your home’s overall value. multi room audio systems

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