Rhino Tuff HD4170 Rhino Roll Electric Color Coil Inserter Review

  • Although Rhin-O-Tuff claims that this machine can be used with all pitches and diameters of coil, this is only sort of true. Although it is theoretically possible to use this machine with extremely large sizes of coil (35mm – 50mm) it is not really practical. It is extremely difficult to use this type of coil inserter with these large sizes of coil. The coil gets caught on the edge of the pages and becomes deformed causing a big mess. This can be improved by using an oval hole punch and by properly forming the spines of your book. However, it is still difficult.
  • Attaching this machine to your Rhin-O-Tuff punch is no small task. You need a special kit in order to bolt the two machines together. This kit is sold separately from the machine. However, even with the kit you can expect to spend between 30-45 minutes figuring out how to attach the two machines (that is how long it took me). Considering this fact, it probably isn’t advisable to bolt your machines together if you ever plan on using the two machines separately. It is also important to note that this machine will not bolt to horizontal punches or to the HD7500.


  • If you have a Rhin-O-Tuff binding punch and are looking for a high quality coil inserter to use with your machine the Rhino Roll HD4170 is the logical choice.
  • This high quality machine is both versatile and durable. It is designed for production environments where productivity is essential.
  • The dual roller design and the fact that you can fully adjust the rollers make it compatible with a huge variety of coil sizes and pitches. However, it is still difficult to use extremely large coils with this system.
  • Even so, this is one of the highest quality coil inserters that I have seen and it is an excellent choice for high volume users who need a standalone machine or who want to bolt an inserter to the top of their modular binding punch. wiring gauge chart

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