Steady Capital Solutions Reviews

Steady Capital Solutions Reviews

The company tries to lure you into signing up for their platform by using a fake testimonies of happy investors. These images are actually paid actors or stock pictures. Moreover, the platform uses fake badges as well to make you believe that it is genuine. It also promises to lower the risk in your investments yet does not clarify how this will be done. It is important to know who owns the platform and what experience they have before you start investing your money with them.

This site claims to be an income tracker of sorts, similar to Mint or Robinhood. In order to use it, you need to give them full read access to your bank account. Then they will display a dashboard view of your various income streams, which would be helpful if you have multiple gig jobs. They also claim to have a built in Plaid integration so your bank information is encrypted and secure.

Steady capital solutions offers a salary range of $52 to $90 per year, with the highest earning Senior Account Executive jobs at $99. If you have skills like presentation, prospecting, and advertising, these can help boost your earnings at the company. steady capital solutions reviews

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