Thai Boxing – The Art of Eight Limbs

Thaiboxning is a full-contact martial art that incorporates fists, elbows, knees and shins. Known as the “art of eight limbs”, it’s also often compared to kickboxing but it’s important to note that the two disciplines have very different techniques.

A lot of people are curious about getting into the sport but they’re held back by the sheer physicality of it. They wonder if they can handle the training and whether they’ll be able to hold their own in a fight. This is understandable because Muay Thai can be an intense and brutal sport.

However, if you’re physically tough enough and willing to put in the work then there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing your goals in this art. Muay Thai will help you build not only your physical strength but it will also teach you to take control of your emotions and how to fight for yourself. The discipline will force you to push yourself harder than you ever thought possible and when you get on the podium fighting at the Lumpinee stadium, it will feel like nothing you could have imagined before.

The history of Muay Thai has a long and varied one. It started out as a royal sport without many specific rules and regulations but gradually began to develop in the 20th century. It’s now a modern combat sport with rules that are similar to those of standard boxing and Savate.

Fighters competing at a traditional Thai boxing event will wear colored shorts based on the corner they are in. They’ll also be required to wear a mongkhon (Thai headband) and perform the Wai Kru ritual. They’ll also have to weigh in on the morning of a match and must meet certain weight limits or risk being disqualified from the fight.

In terms of training, Muay Thai practitioners will typically start their day with jump rope and various other cardio exercises such as wind sprints and running up stairs. This is followed by a combination of shadow boxing and light bag work. Fighters will be expected to eat well and stay hydrated.

Fighters will spend the rest of the day working on their footwork and their striking. Kicks are the most common weapon in this martial art but the Muay Thai fighter is also proficient with elbow and clinching techniques. During the Ayutthaya era (1350-1767), it was common for Nak Muay to train using what was available. They’d hang a coconut from a tree to practice their punching and use other natural objects as weapons such as rocks to sharpen their knees.

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