The Basics of an Electric Fan

Electric fans are useful for cooling, and also help move the air around the room to keep it fresh. Smaller versions are movable and can be used on tables or desks, while larger ones are usually mounted to the ceiling. Most modern electric fans are operated by a motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to spin the blades. Some fans have a dial to set operating speeds, and some even come with a second pull chain that controls the light (which may be on/off or three way – some lights, all, or off).

The outer housing of an electric fan holds the stator, rotor, and shaft bearings assembly, while the blades are bolted on the outside. The shaft of a fan is usually made from metal, but can also be plastic or wood.

A fan’s rotor is a hub with a set of blades that are slightly angled to direct cool air downward. When electric current passes through the coils of wire in the motor, it creates a magnetic field that rotates the rotor and the blades attached to it.

If the fan has an issue where the blades stop spinning almost immediately after switching off, it might be a bearing issue. Try putting some oil on the bearing that touches the shaft and see if it solves the problem. If the motor is still running after that, it’s time to replace the bearing or shaft. electric fan

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