The Best Curly Hairdresser Melbourne

The best curly hairdresser melbourne will understand your locks, respect them and deliver a cut that will make them look amazing. They will be able to provide you with a full consultation, offer product recommendations and advice on how to manage your curls in between salon appointments. They will be able to offer you a wide variety of options, from a Deva Cut to a traditional dry-cut, and will also know how to work with all types of curly hair, including kinky, wavy and coarse textures.

The team at Pirie Street Hair are all incredibly talented and have a passion for working with textured hair. They offer a range of haircuts, colour treatments and maintenance regimes that will have you loving your curls. They are also highly experienced in colour corrections, so if you have an old box of dye sitting around that needs lightening, this is the place for you.

Janine Goossens is a legend in the industry, and has been styling hair since she was a teenager. She has an exceptional understanding of all hair texture, and focuses on the unique characteristics of curly hair. Her ability to transform curls into beautiful, flowing locks that are well-balanced and healthy is nothing short of incredible.

Neel Morley has a passion for curls like no other. He’s Melbourne’s High Priest of kinks and loops, and his Fitzroy salon is a curl-loving shrine. He spent time in the US learning the Deva technique, and has embraced a whole-hearted love of curls ever since, educating other stylists on the method and hosting curly-hair seminars. His clients – or curlfriends as he calls them – could come in looking like the Dulux dog and leave with their hair a Renaissance painting. best curly hairdresser melbourne

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