The Best Reusable Milk Storage Bags

Aside from choosing the best pump, a breast milk storage bag is one of the most important pieces in your breastfeeding supplies. The best reusable milk storage bags are durable, have an oxygen barrier to preserve freshness, and thaw easily. They also should be dishwasher-, microwave- and boiling-water safe to make reheating milk for your little one easy. You’ll want to look for an ounce indicator on the side of the bags, as well as a space to write down the date and milk quantity.

The top-rated reusable breast milk storage bags are the Lansinoh bags, which have more than 90,000 positive reviews and are available on Amazon. They’re a favorite among breastfeeding mothers because they’re affordable, have a wide mouth to make pumping and pouring in and out easy, and freeze flat and evenly. They also come with an adapter to allow you to pump directly into them, and have a double zipper seal that prevents leaks.

Other popular choices include the Dr. Brown’s and NUK bags, which have a similar shape to the Lansinoh ones and are BPA-free. Women say they’re thick and sturdy, with double-zippers that don’t leak. They also lay flat in the freezer and stand upright in the fridge, which is convenient for storing large quantities of milk.

Another option is a set of silicone breast milk storage bags like those from Junobie, Haakaa or Momcozy. They’re great for those who are trying to build up a large freezer stash and aren’t worried about using glass or a pump-into-bag system. But they do have some drawbacks: The Junobie bags, for example, don’t have a double-zipper closure and often leak through the first zip right to the second, which can be a bit of a mess. best reusable milk storage bags

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