The discovery of Meyer Blue

Meyer Blue, a special citrus fruit, has attracted increasing attention in recent years. The story of this extraordinary fruit begins with its discovery by botanist Frank N. Meyer in the early 20th century. Meyer, on an expedition through China, came across an unusual citrus fruit that appeared to be a mix of lemon and tangerine. This discovery marked the beginning of a new era in citrus farming.

The versatility of Meyer Blue

Meyer Blue is characterized not only by its unique taste, but also by its versatility in the kitchen. With its sweet and sour aroma, Meyer Blue is perfect for preparing refreshing drinks such as lemonades and cocktails. In addition, its juicy pulp adds a special touch to desserts such as cakes and sorbets. But Meyer Blue is not only used in the kitchen; its essential oil is also valued in the cosmetics industry for its invigorating properties.

The popularity of Meyer Blue continues to grow as consumers appreciate the variety and quality of this unique citrus fruit. With its distinctive flavor and versatility, Meyer Blue has firmly established its place in the world of citrus. meyer blue

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