The Importance of a Dental Chair

For both patients and dentists, the dental chair is a key part of any treatment room. It supports the patient’s entire body for a comfortable supine or prone position, and controls the movement of the headrest, footrest, and seat.

It is the most important piece of equipment in a dental office, and it serves a different purpose depending on the specialty or procedure being performed. For example, oral surgeons may require a chair that moves slower than a general dentist’s to ensure patients do not fall out of the chair while under anesthesia.

Dentists also consider how the chair is designed to help reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) like lower back pain. Many of these problems are directly related to how dental professionals sit – thighs parallel to the floor with hips at a 90-degree angle, which causes increased stress on muscles and discs. Research suggests that a higher hip angle decreases lower back muscle activity and reduces disc pressure, resulting in less overall pain for the dentist.

Finally, dental chairs must be easy to disinfect and able to accommodate various tools and equipment. The ideal chair is made with non-porous materials and has a base that is solid, stable, and heavy enough to prevent tipping. Henry Schein offers a wide selection of quality dental chairs that will suit any space, treatment style or budget. Talk to a Henry Schein advisor about finding the best dental chair for your practice.

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