The Magic Of Wine

When you think about it, the magic of wine is extensive. For starters it may be the most affordable luxury on the planet. Yet, even the very least expensive can add a bit of luxury. Magic?

But, the real magic is in how wine is enjoyed. You can find wine at the formal head of state banquet at Windsor Castle, or at a picnic in Golden Gate Park. It can turn a left over roast into Beef Bourguignonne; or noodles with white sauce into Fettuccine Alfredo. It can even add a bit of magic to an evening in front of the TV.

Certainly wines are many and varied. There is more magic in that there is a wine for every palette. Wines can be sweet, sharp, fruity or tangy. They are full-bodied or light, and even sparkling.

Wine is rich in history and has been enjoyed… well, forever.

There is a whole mountain of pages written about wine; and probably more coming daily. At times I feel a good part of this writing is written by some kind of wine professional for the benefit of other wine professionals, or at least wannabe wine professionals. And, indeed, much of it is. It is complicated, some times almost weird, and usually unnecessary information for those of us who mostly just care about the magic side of wine.

But it is nice to know how different grape varieties taste, what the different countries and/or wine regions do best, which wines go well with which occasion and which is a good choice for what you are eating. This is the basic information that helps you add to the magic that wine can create.

Because, the magic of wine is found when we sit down and talk to our friend, when we turn off the day and allow ourselves some much needed down time. It is, after all, a long hot bath for the soul. wine tours Willamette Valley

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