Top five reasons to visit Singapore

1. Shopping: One of the top reasons amongst top five reasons to visit Singapore must be the shopping here. Singapore for its visitors is a shopping paradise. Malls and ethnic area shopping districts like Orchard Road, City Hall, Little India and Chinatown houses bountiful of multiple atypical shops which put forward the most unexpected finds. Not just this, tourists who fly out through Changi Airport can benefit from Singapore’s tax-free shopping policy with only a seven percent GST refund on fit purchases.

2. Food: Singapore is heaven for foodie travelers across the world. Food is a national obsession and feeding is very common in Singapore. It is multi-cultural culinary heaven for travelers. Every new restaurant here is treated with intense buzz. Here you will find flavors from all around the world. Malaysian food, Chinese food, Indonesian food and Indian food collide together to create the delicious hybrid cuisine Singaporean food. Singapore is famous for both hawker stalls and fine dining scene. Where the food hawker stalls include best of Asian eats, the fine-dining restaurants have employed the best of chefs which can cook amazing delectable cuisines of the world. Yumness!

3. Cleanliness: Singapore is undoubtedly a clean and green city which is considered safest city in the world. One of its nicknames is Safe Heaven. Singapore is also one of the world’s most green city of the world. Singapore is actually a breath of fresh air. Here littering, spitting and smoking in public places are not admired as this is not allowed. These all measures are taken up to ensure extra cleanliness within the city.

4. Architecture: Singapore houses wonderful architecture. The Helix Bridge is Singapore’s landmark. It features a world’s first double-helix structure and is engineered with accuracy. Another marvelous architecture of the country is the Singapore Flyer. This would provide you a breathtaking panoramic view of the Singapore City skyline. This is surely a treat to the eyes. The architecture of Singapore city is such that it will leave you asking for more. Architecture definitely features under the top five reasons to visit Singapore.

5. Culture: Singapore is truly a cultural city. The culture is apparent everywhere and more so in its food and structural designs. This is one of the most interesting places to visit in Asia due to its rich cultural diversity. You too will have an amazing experience here in Singapore. company registration

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