Unconventional Use Of Roller Shutters

Can you name the most versatile security device that can be used as a physical deterrent to thwart possible intrusions? It is the roller shutters, whose versatility in application is illustrated by the fact that it can be used is places other than the conventional buildings. The other aspect of its versatility is that these roller shutters can be fabricated for any size of door opening that is completely non standard and cannot be covered by any other kind of doors. Considering the design and operation of the roller shutters, the door opening can be adjusted to any desired size as the shutters can be rolled up and keyed in the position you want. So, what are the other places where the roller shutters can be used?

Business on wheels

You must have seen plenty of business on wheels outfit that carry out their business from moving vehicles. The open chassis of the vehicle houses the business establishment that is built by using roller shutters that are mounted on steel frames. All the four sides of the vehicle are covered by the shutters for vans that create the walls of the structure. You must have seen many a food outlet selling their delicacies from such moving eateries that can be opened from any side depending upon convenience of accessibility of the customers. Or you must have also seen some booksellers using the advantage of mobile vans to reach out to their customers in a similar manner. The shutters offer complete security to the mobile business establishment.

To lend more flexibility in handling goods carried in covered vehicles, many of these vehicles are fitted with shutters for vans that act as collapsible walls and allow large and non standard door opening that is necessary for non standard. This is especially convenient in handling odd size cargo that has to be transported in a covered van or truck.

Shutters for canteens

Another place where roller shutters are used is the canteen that is frequented by large number of people. Most canteens have to accommodate many people at a time and are designed to have wide entrances and exits to make people feel comfortable. The openings are so large that it is not feasible to cover them with standard door installations.  Hence the use of shutters for canteens which are the most preferred option.

Automated shutters

The roller shutters, no matter where they are used, are always made to order as these can be designed and fabricated to suit any size of door opening. In case the door opening is too big and the shutters are too heavy, it is advisable to select the motorized version for ease of operation. For other sizes, manual operation can be chosen. Of course, the choice is not always driven by the door size but would also depend on other factors like available manpower and the company policy.

It is not always that shutters are used for external applications.  Internal applications of shutters is best perceived in the Brickbond shutters that are designed to blend openness and security and are commonly used in canteens, lounge areas and bars. These shutters have slats with continuous opening of the size of bricks that allow visibility as well as flow of air and light while cutting off access to the designated area in the most secured manner. Window shutters north east

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