Vegetable Samosa Recipe

Vegetable samosa is a classic Indian snack or street food. It’s a deep-fried pastry filled with a mashed potato mixture, full of aromatic spices and flavour. These vegan samosa are made using puff pastry which makes them super easy to make at home. You can even use store-bought pastry sheets for a quick and convenient recipe. It’s also vegetarian friendly as the filling contains potatoes, carrots and peas. Moong dal or lentils can be added for an extra protein boost.

The pastry dough is a bit like making a pie crust, so if you’ve ever made one before, this shouldn’t be too challenging for you. The potato filling is a little different, however, and requires a few more ingredients. First, the potatoes need to be boiled until fork tender. This should take about 15 minutes. Then they need to be drained, lightly mashed and mixed with the rest of the filling ingredients. You’ll need a few key spices and seasonings for this part of the recipe: carom seeds (or ajwain), fresh cilantro, roasted peanuts and amchur, which adds a nice tang to potato samosas.

Then you’ll need oil for frying, which is usually ghee or vegetable oil, but any cooking oil will work as long as it’s vegan. You can find these items in your local Indian grocery store, which is where I got mine. Once everything is ready, it’s just a matter of assembling the samosas and frying them. You can eat these right away, or store them in an airtight container at room temperature for 4 to 5 days. They can also be reheated in the oven at 400oF until warmed through. سمبوسة خضار

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