Walking Socks

One of the primary uses for a good pair of walking socks is to prevent blisters. When selecting a pair, it is important that it does not itch excessively. Since blisters are mainly caused by a combination of sweat, shearing forces and pressure points, it is essential to have a good pair of walking socks on hand for outdoor activities.

Walking socks should also prevent outside moisture from contacting the skin as excessive moisture causes easy blistering. Fit is important as well because pairs that are too tight or too loose will cause bunching and shearing. The best products on the market are those that are anatomically designed and have good wicking properties. Wicking, which is the flow of liquids through porous media is important as it allows sweat to leave sock.

Padded socks are another alternative to common varieties found on the market. Such products have padding in three main areas. The toes, the ball of the foot and the heel area. These are popular types to choose as they offer added comfort throughout your daily walking activities.

Products that attempt to mimic the shape of the human foot have by far the most advantages. Because the shape of the sock closely resembles the foot, bunching is almost eliminated completely. Customers that suffer from bunions are advised to use these types of socks.

Types that are double layered also minimize blistering by protecting the foot from outside moisture and decreasing friction. Friction is minimized when the layers rub up against each other rather than the skin of the foot. Double layered versions are popular when dealing with blistering. As such, they are generally good sellers in the marketplace.

Other types of products that have user comfort in mind include thermal socks. Needless to say, they are usually only suitable for customers living in colder climates. They keep our feet snug and warm during hiking or other physical activities. Common materials used are spun polyester or wool yarn. Both these materials also have good wicking properties.

While there are a great many varieties and brands to choose from, most customers usually stick to a single brand that works for them. This may be down to the feel and quality of the product rather than its efficiency. Unfortunately, the topic isn’t really touched upon in great detail by the majority of consumers today. This is a shame as a good pair of walking socks can make any physical activity that much more rewarding. personalized fuzzy socks

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