Wellness Coaching As a Career

Wellness coach is a collaborative and nonjudgmental partnership with an advocate who is trained to be your ally on this journey to living well. The focus is on centering your personal strengths and values to support behavior change(s). It is not therapy or counseling.

A wellness coach takes a holistic approach to helping their clients achieve healthy habits in all areas of life. They can help with weight loss, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and self-esteem. The typical amount of time a coach works with a client is two to six months as it takes about 66 days for a new habit to be established.

The most important part of being a wellness coach is building trust and creating a safe space for your clients. This allows them to feel safe enough to discuss their struggles and concerns. Once they feel supported and understood it becomes easier to make positive changes in their lives. This is where the true power of wellness coaching lies.

In addition to supporting their clients in making lifestyle changes, wellness coaches can also be an important resource for providing them with education on different health topics. They can also connect their clients with health and fitness resources in their community, such as registered dieticians or discounted gym memberships.

When searching for a wellness coach it is best to choose someone who has completed an accredited training program. They will have a deeper understanding of the physiology behind health and wellness. This knowledge helps them support their clients in implementing the necessary behaviors to make lasting changes.

Another way to ensure you are selecting the right coach is by asking for referrals. Most people know someone who has struggled with a particular area of their health and wellness. Reaching out to that person and offering to be a wellness coach can be a great way to find your first clients.

Being a wellness coach is a flexible and rewarding career choice. You can work from home or anywhere in the world, and you can set your own hours and be your own boss. The flexibility and freedom that this type of coaching offers is something many people are looking for in their careers. Many wellness coaches also choose to pursue a degree in a health related field to further their understanding of health and wellness. This can be beneficial for their own coaching practice and provide them with an additional source of income. They can also gain experience by working in a health and fitness center to get a better understanding of their clients needs.

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