What Is a Google URL Shortener?

Google has recently announced that they will be transitioning away from their URL shortener service. This article will cover what that means for those who use this service and provide answers to questions that may arise.

What Is a Google URL Shortener?
A Google URL Shortener is a service that allows users to shorten long links and track click metrics. Typically, when a user enters a long link into the Google URL Shortener service, it will generate a new, shortened link with a unique identifier. When a user clicks on the shortened link, it will redirect them to the original long URL that was entered into the service.

Google URL Shortener is popular for its ease of use and advanced analytics. It is also used to create custom URLs that reinforce brand identity and generate branded QR codes for print ads, social media posts, and other contexts where character count or visual aesthetics are important.

It is also a common tool for businesses that ask customers to leave reviews on their business listing on Google. By providing a snack-sized review link through a shortened URL, it is easier for customers to access and complete the process. However, it is important to note that asking for reviews through incentives such as gift cards or services violates Google’s review guidelines and could lead to your listing being removed or penalized.

Many of the most popular URL Shortening Services, such as Bitly and Rebrandly, offer free accounts that allow for basic link tracking and customization. However, more robust options like ClickMeter and T2M require a subscription fee to unlock advanced features. google url shortener

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