What Is a Voice Over Artist?

What Is a Voice Over Artist?
A voice over artist uses their vocal talents to create engaging content for a variety of media platforms. They can lend their voices to explainer videos, animation characters, video games, or even narrate audio books. A talented voice over artist can bring life to a script that no one can see by using their unique voice and incorporating emotions and expressions into the recording.

Voice over artists also offer flexibility as they can often choose the type of work they want to take on. Versatility is key, as voice actors can work across a variety of industries and play many different characters. For example, they may need to narrate the side effects of an allergy medication for a pharmaceutical commercial but then switch gears to voice a talking bunny for a children’s audio book. Creativity is another key skill for voice over artists as they must evoke an emotional response from the listener, which is hard to do without any visual cues.

Like other types of acting, aspiring voice over artists must build a resume and prepare demo reels to send out. Typically, these include a selection of snippets from past projects to show potential employers their skills. Some voice over artists will also hire a casting agent to market their talents and notify them of audition opportunities.

Because the field is competitive, many aspiring voice actors experience periods of rejection before finding success. It’s important for a new talent to keep trying and maintain a positive attitude. If you have a natural ability to speak with authority and eloquence, this career may be the right fit for you. voice over artists

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