What is Fenben Powder?

Fenben powder is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic medication that belongs to the class of benzimidazoles. It kills parasitic worms in animals by disrupting their cell structures, leading to their expulsion or death. It is a very effective dewormer for freshwater and saltwater tropical fish and invertebrates. It can also be used for livestock, fur game and poultry infected with nematodes (adult and immature forms), lungworms, some types of cestodes, trematodes and their eggs.

Some vets may choose to prescribe a compounded version of fenbendazole to treat your pet. This is done if your pet has a medical condition that isn’t easily managed with an FDA-approved drug, has trouble taking pills in capsule form or has an allergy to one of the ingredients found in an FDA-approved medication.

When choosing a fenben powder to purchase, be sure it is pure veterinary grade. Some brands claim to have no filler, but a quick weight check on their packets will show the truth. Using a fenbendazole powder that isn’t pure can lead to poor results and possible side effects. fenben powder

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