Why Shops Are Turning to DTF Printing Services

DTF is an exciting and growing print method that has many advantages over traditional commercial printing methods. It’s easy to use, versatile and doesn’t require any screen printing equipment. It’s also not limited to lights or polyester like vinyl and doesn’t need any pre-treating the garments like ecosolvent, HTV, or direct to garment (DTG). This is why many shops are turning to DTF printing for their high color jobs that were previously only able to be printed with screen printing.

DTF printing involves using a special printer that prints white ink onto PET film before the colored design is applied. The white ink acts as a base so that the colors will stay vibrant and crisp on the fabric. This film is then applied with hot-melt transfer powder. The powder is either automatically or manually applied to the transfer and then a curing oven melts the powder to the PET film. It’s important to only use high quality inks formulated specifically for DTF printing or your printhead may clog. The DTF inks are usually made in the USA and have rigorous testing to ensure quality and performance.

A big advantage of DTF is that it’s easier to manage than screen printing. There are no screens to make or separate and it doesn’t require the same level of expertise that a master screen printer has. It’s also a great option for high-color and complicated designs that would normally be too expensive to produce on a large scale with screen printing. This is why DTF has become a popular choice for many high-volume and high-end clothing stores that want to keep their screen printing business but are looking for an efficient solution for their lower volume, higher complexity orders.

DTF offers incredible versatility for your shop because you can apply your prints to a variety of different substrates including mugs, flasks, metals, and more. You just need the right heat press machine and a little knowledge of how to prepare your artwork for DTF printing to get great results. It’s also much faster and more efficient than screen printing, making it an ideal option for your high-volume orders.

Another reason why DTF is growing in popularity is that it’s a lot less expensive than traditional commercial printing. While you will still need a DTF printer and all the necessary supplies, the cost of the materials is significantly cheaper than traditional commercial printing methods. Plus, there are no limits to how many prints you can produce.

Besides the DTF printer, you’ll also need a clamshell heat press and various other supplies to complete the DTF process. These include an ink damper, an automatic powder shaker and a curing oven. You can find many starter packages available that come with the DTF printer and all the other equipment needed for your shop. These packages are a great option for those just starting out in the industry and looking to save on upfront costs. dtf printing services

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