Why You Need Mould Remediation

Mould is a very dangerous and persistent problem that will affect your property, and more importantly, your health. It’s not just unsightly, it’s also a depreciator of your home value and if not treated correctly it can cause serious health problems. Our black mould removal service will prevent these problems from arising by removing and treating the mould as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Moulded walls and ceilings typically are caused by damp problems such as penetrating damp, structural damp, rising damp, condensation or poor ventilation. It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the dampness as it may be related to issues such as the roof, guttering, wall ties, plaster damage, or poor internal design.

The main factor that triggers mould growth is the presence of high moisture levels in your London property. This can be due to leaking pipes, water damage from flooding or excessive humidity that has been left untreated.

Once dampness is present, spores are able to grow and thrive in the moist atmosphere, which can also lead to a number of other issues such as timber rot, carpets becoming damp or stained, wallpaper peeling, paint discolouration, and the formation of musty smells in the property.

Mould spores are everywhere and it is impossible to eliminate them completely from indoor spaces. However, it is possible to reduce their impact by maintaining a balance between the level of moisture and airflow within your property. Mould spores require food for survival, which is provided by organic materials and vegetation. In a damp indoor environment, they can feed off cellulose, which is found in wood, paper and fabrics, and can also be supplied by foods such as bread or cereals. mould remediation london

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