Discussion on the role of vitamin A acid

Isotretinoin is called the “ultimate weapon” in the treatment of acne. Experts said that isotretinoin is one kind of vitamin A acid, is a derivative of vitamin A. According to reports, the vitamin A acid is the recipe for treating skin diseases, such as psoriasis can use vitamin A acid drugs to treat. Careful consumers will find that in some skin care products have an ingredient called vitamin A acid. Vitamin A acid used as cosmetics material may be instead of acid which dominate the world in the past few years, vitamin A acid can penetrate the skin cell nucleus, to really improve the skin from the inside to the outside, make skin have a healthy glow luster, and tretinoin almost does not exist discomfort issues that must be considered.

Vitamin A acid on skin have the following three advantages: promote skin metabolism, improve skin rough, dry, make dull skin looks a shiny. Perfect the organization of the skin stratum corneum, strengthen the skin’s elasticity, a sense of transparency, so that the skin looks soft, white, and more healthy. Clear accumulation of dirt in the pores, shrink pores, has an antibacterial effect. The feeling of different skin use the skin care products containing vitamin A acid is different. But is this good medicine, with very large toxicity. Long-term use of vitamin A acid drugs are toxic, so that patients even in strict accordance with the instructions to medication should also regularly check blood and liver function. Since oral toxicity, then does the topical use will be more secure? Though topical use isotrenoin ointment did not cause a lot of toxicity to body, but caused larger skin irritation, for some thin skin people even will cause part of the exfoliation after run out.

Tretinoin manufacturer pointed out that, in the treatment of severe acne, sometimes it may need to use this drug, so must be used under the guidance of a doctor, should not purchase this medicine by your own. Special reminder, due to a lot of acne treatment drugs in the early development stage, children less experience in the application, even if some minors with serious acne should use carefully. In addition, to prepare pregnant women should want the baby after six months they run out the medicine, otherwise it may cause fetal malformations. Tretinoin 0.1% cream

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