Learn How To Install A Sound Card Fast

Sound Card installation is indeed simple and rather
straight forward,that is,when you know how to do it.
Opening the system unit can be a scary task for
some of us,especially if we have not performed this
task before.

The key is to be calm,take your time,and make it fun.
Look forward to looking inside the computer and see
just how many components you can readily identify.

PC Repair’s cdrom one and the PC Test cdrom are
filled with photos and video clips of these components.
Remember to touch a doorknob or any grounded metal
object to remove static electricity from your body.To
install your new sound card,let’s perform the following.


Remove the system unit cover and locate an empty
expansion bay.Note that the rear cover of the slot
may have to be removed on most computers.Before
touching anything,ground yourself to remove any
buildup of elecrtical static charge from yourself.
Touching the computer case or a boorknob will do
the job.

With the cover removed from the system unit,lay
the computer on its side.You may have to remove
other connections or devices to have clear access
to the empty card bay.

Take notes of any devices or connections that you
make so that you can refer to them during installation
of the new card.

New sound cards must be installed in the PCI slot.
After removing the small rear cover,remove the new
card from its protective wrap.This wrap is intended
to keep the card away from electrical static charge.


Grasp the card and align it with the PCI slot.
Slowly but firmly press the new card completely in
the PCI slot.Check to be sure no part of the yellow
contacts can be seen when the card is pushed in.

Secure the sound card to the system unit by using
the screw that you removed when removing the rear
cover.Use this screw to secure the card to the case. tv wall mount canada

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