Expert Resume Writing Service

A well-crafted resume is a must when applying for jobs. It should be concise, ATS-compliant, eye-catching visually and filled with the most important career experience. However, writing and editing can be a pain and it’s hard to find the time for both. An expert resume writing service can take your old document and make it ATS-compliant, optimized for keywords and prepared to be read by recruiters.

The first step is getting a free resume review. This will give you a detailed analysis of your current document from an expert, including a breakdown of all their recommendations. From there you can decide whether to move forward with a package. The TopResume website has several packages based on your career level, and some include extras like LinkedIn makeovers and 60-day interview guarantees.

It’s important to remember that your resume is going to be read by someone who sees a lot of resumes on a daily basis. They don’t have 30 minutes to sit down and read your life story.

One of the best ways to keep your resume short is to skip long paragraphs and use bullet points instead. This will make it easier for hiring managers to skim and find the information they need. It also helps to highlight your most relevant skills in the job description and focus on accomplishments rather than just listing your responsibilities.

The top resume writing services will have a network of certified writers who specialize in different fields. Resumes Planet, for example, has more than 200 writers specializing in 40 industries. They will work with you to find out exactly what is most important to include in your resume and how to structure it for maximum impact. Many of the top services also offer a suite of other services such as cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile development and editing. expert resume writing

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