How to Make Beautiful Paper Quilling Jewelry

Paper Quilling Jewelry:
Paper quilling is a fun hobby that allows you to make colorful, unique rings and earrings. You can find an affordable quilling tool at AC Moore and create your own designs with a few basic tools and materials. This craft was once called paper filigree and used to be the way silver and gold filigree was decorated on pillars and vases in ancient times. You can also use this technique to make a one-of-a-kind gift for your friends or family!

For these beautiful honeycomb earrings, you’ll need two pieces of primary colored paper for the outline circle shapes (circles with interior diameter of about 1 inch). Next, you’ll need black/pink quilling strips for the interior honeycomb shape. Then, you’ll add the outer frame of the earring using small, tightly coiled loops. To do this, wrap a strip of paper around your slotted quilling tool a few times, then remove the tool and let the coil loosen up a bit. When the coiled strip is ready, pinch it to form a pointy edge and glue the end of the strip to secure it.

Repeat this process with a different strip of the same color for the other earring and you’re done! You can spray the entire piece with a light coat of Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish to protect your work. These dazzling paper quilling earrings are a beautiful accessory for any occasion and make wonderful gifts for loved ones or friends! Paper Quilling Jewelry

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