Games For Exhibition Stands

Games for exhibition stands are a great way to bring life and fun to your stand, but they can also be used to support your wider marketing and lead generation objectives. They encourage people to engage with your brand and raise the level of engagement at your exhibition stand to help you gather valuable customer data that can be used for follow-ups and future sales campaigns.

From interactive puzzle and trivia games to physical challenges, there are plenty of ways to engage delegates with games at your exhibition stand. A simple but effective option is to hide questions or pieces around the show and ask visitors to work out what they are meant for – a fun Easter egg-style hunt that will keep them at your booth instead of heading elsewhere!

There’s also the option to go digital with interactive media engagement games like jigsaws, memory tests and visual challenges. Easily branded to fit your organisation’s values and personality, these type of games are ideal for those looking to grab attention and drive footfall to their exhibition stand. Alternatively, try a prize wheel which offers a quick-win prize that can be as heavily branded as you want or something as simple as sweets.

If you really want to draw a crowd, then consider introducing a gaming console. From the Nintendo Switch and Playstation to old-school Gameboys, there are a wide variety of gaming consoles available to hire that can be customised to your brand and linked up to a leaderboard for maximum impact. Interactive games

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